Q. What if I need to work in the evenings or at weekends?

A. As an occupier of a serviced office you have 24 hour 7 day access via security codes and keys.

Q. Is there a charge for this?

A. No, security and keys (one set per person) are included in the Licence Agreement.


Q. How do I advertise my business at your address?

A. Occupants of the Centre are allowed to use the street and P. O. Box number address on any of their stationery whilst they are occupying an office within the Centre.

Q. What about White Pages and Yellow Pages entries?

A. Our clients may utilize the address of the Centre as “their business address” and also telephone numbers allocated through the Centre’s switchboard.

Q. Is there a cost involved for this?

A. No, other than the usual charges made to you by White Pages and/or Yellow Pages for your advertising.

Q. If my clients come to the Centre, how do they know where to find me?

A. Your company name and suite number are clearly displayed on the Directory Board in the reception area (and also on your office door). Your clients would ask for you at reception. Our receptionist would contact you via the switchboard (or page you if you are in the building but not at your desk) to advise you had a guest or client waiting in reception.

Q. Is there a cost involved for this?

A. No, signage is put in place by the Centre management when you take up occupancy. Reception services are included in the suite package.


Q. Does the Centre provide furniture or do I supply my own?

A. The Centre’s offices are fully furnished with colour coordinated executive desk, return, executive chair, two visitor’s chairs and one 2-drawer filing cabinet per person. Additional furniture may be hired. If you prefer you can use your own furniture.


Q. How long a lease would I have to take?

A. WBC operates under Licence Agreements with our clients, not leases. The Agreements are generally for an initial six month term with a further six month option at the same Licence Fee. However, longer terms may be negotiated.

Q. What is the difference between a Lease and a Licence Agreement?

A. Putting it simply, a Licence Agreement is a contract between WBC, the Licensor, (not a landlord as it would be under a lease) and the Licensee (not a tenant as it would be under a lease).

The Licensor (WBC) grants to the Licencee (our clients) a Licence (a right) to occupy an area within the Centre under agreed terms and conditions. The Licensee pays a Licence Fee (known as rent under a lease).

In other words, under a Licence Agreement the parties do not have a Landlord/Tenant relationship as they would under a Lease.

Q. Are there legal or other costs involved?

A. No, a legally binding License Agreement is prepared prior to commencement of the tenancy and there are no costs involved.

Q. Do I have to enter into a Licence Agreement or can I take an office on a month to month basis?

A. The Centre does not take casual or month to month occupancies, however some of our facilities can be made available under a Virtual Office arrangement.


Q. What options do I have with regard to telephones?

A. There are several options, depending on what you specifically require. There are many companies within the Centre and a number of ways to meet their telephone needs.

Some options:

  • Personalised telephone answering: This service is available if required. You would be allocated a dedicated telephone number(s) and extension(s) through the main switchboard. The number(s) allocated can be used for advertising purposes. There are two ways in which the phones can be programmed to best meet your requirements.
  • External lines: External lines can be connected for use as fax/modem/outgoing voice lines. These external lines are totally separate from the WBC PABX switchboard.
  • Broadband/etc: Can be loaded onto external lines once connected.

Charges apply to the above telephone services.